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Sunday, March 27, 2011


1: Terbuka kepada followers blog "Because She is NurulBadiah" .so sekiranya bukan followers..anda perlu follow terlebih dahulu sebelum menyertainya.

2. Korang kene Copy Banner/Gambar contest diatas dan Paste kn dekat entry contest anda.Kemudian korang Kena letak Banner/Gambar Contest diatas di SideBar Blog Korang and Link kan Banner tersebut ataupun link kn kat bawah Banner tersebut ke Blog Because She Is Nurulbadiah.
2. Korang Kena buat entry pasal " Show Me Your BFF Contest" dimana korang kena letakkan link ke Blog ini didalam entry tersebut.

3: Entry Korang hendaklah disertakan dengan Sekeping Gambar bersama BFF korang xkira berapa ramai pon berserta dengan sedikit kata-kata dibawah gambar tersebut.

Ayat anda harus bermula dengan:

Dear Nurulbadiah Lai,
bla..bla..bla..(tell me in short about your bff)

4.Tagkan Kepada 4 blogger yang aktif and make sure diorang tahu telah Di Tag.

5. Pastekan entry Contest yang korang buat diruangan komen dekat entry ni..

6: 2 pemenang akan dipilih berdasarkan gambar bersama BFF yang paling menarik..hadiah misteri menanti seperti Dress dan shawls.

6.Tarikh tutup: 15 April 2011



dear NurulBadiah Lai,

Sometimes people come into your life
Like they're meant to be
And suddenly you've found someone
Who sees the world like you see

And you laugh like crazy
At all the crazy things
That no one thinks are funny but you
That's when I knew
That I had a friend so true

If my world were crumbling down
You are the one I'd want around
Cause through everything you've shown me that
You were the one who had my back

Remember the laughs
Then add up the dreams
And take it to the nth degree
We'll be friends forever
Cause you'll be forever in my heart
That's where best friends are

There will always be hard times
I'm glad I've got you to see me through
And I will never forget your smile
I just have to say thank you

For being there always
Even the darkest days
Especially when you didn't have to
That's when I knew
I had a friend in you

So if your world should fall apart
Call me I'll run to where you are
I only hope that I can be
Half of the friend you've been to me

Where would I be
Without you by my side loving me
Anyone can see that we're the real thing
No matter what and always
Come whatever
We're best friends forever :)

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